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On September 01, 2020, the Army, Navy, Air Force Veterans Association in Canada (ANAVETS) granted it's first international charter to Mexico, headquartered at Lake Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico. As of November 2021, our membership stands at over 80 active members and continues to grow as more veterans from all branches of International service discover we are here for them. ANAVETS Unit #19 also welcomes Police and Fire Services members along with any members of our community that wish be a part of an excellent world-class organization.

ANAVETS HISTORY ANAVETS is the oldest veterans organization in Canada, having been founded in 1840. Membership is open to all  veterans, police, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, Coast Guard, and the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires, family members. Friends and members of the community are always welcomed to join our ranks.
We provide support to Canadian, American, Mexican, and British Common-wealth veterans, families, and the community-at-large. You are invited to come to our gatherings for a visit and get to know our membership and friends. You do not have to be a member to attend our events. Please come by to learn more about our services and charitable community efforts.
Unit #19     

General Enquiries:  33 2493-6578    9am to 10pm     
After 10pm:

JUNO BEACH -  June 06, 1944


ANAVETS is comprised of a Dominion Command Headquarters located in Ottawa, Canada along with seven provincial commands. Currently the Association has units in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia as well as a unit in Woodstock N.B. and a unit in the United States (ANAVICUS), which is part of the American Legion. There is now an ANAVETS Unit located at Lake Chapala, Mexico. Ladies’ Auxiliaries may be found at some units. When formed, they come under the jurisdiction of the Provincial Commands’ Ladies’ Auxiliaries.


The affairs of the Association are managed by the Executive Officers of the Association. The Executive Officers and the Provincial Command Presidents form the Board of Directors, which directs policy and administration of the Association. This policy and administration must be ratified biennially by the Association in Convention.


1. To unite fraternally, persons who have served in Her Majesty’s armed forces or any auxiliary force thereof or in the armed forces or any auxiliary force of any nation allied to the British Commonwealth of Nations engaged in an active combat zone and persons who support the purposes and objects of the Association, which Association shall be a non-partisan and non sectarian body for the purpose of good fellowship, mutual improvement and assistance, and patriotic endeavour and service to Canada and the British Commonwealth of Nations;
2. To increase the public influence of veterans by organization, by parades and by giving as an entity expressions of opinion upon public questions affecting the rights of veterans or concerning the welfare of the whole or any part of the British Commonwealth of Nations;
3. To stimulate the spirit of patriotism in Canada and promote closer unity and co-ordination within the British Commonwealth of Nations;
4. To assist the British Commonwealth of Nations when occasion requires in enlisting recruits for Her Majesty’s forces;
5. To acquire, maintain and operate clubs, homes and meeting places for the benefit of veterans, and to furnish, stock and equip the same with such furniture, furnishings, plants, animals, implements, equipment, appliances, libraries, and means of entertainment and amusement, as may be considered desirable by the Association;
6. To acquire and maintain museums in connection with any premises of the Association for the interest, education, or benefit of its members;
7. To levy upon its members, or upon bodies to whom it has granted charters as authorized herein, fees or assessments from time to time as may be required for the support of the Association and the carrying out of its objects; and to raise funds for the purpose of the Association by such means, with others, as providing entertainment, operating canteens and places of refreshment and amusement; and
8. To assist any of Her Majesty’s naval, military naval air forces on active service, by establishments for the rest and comfort of, and as meeting places for those composing such forces.

             ROB BOSCH              PRESIDENT

Richard Thompson
1st Vice-President

2nd Vice-President

TBA  Recording Secretary  

Sharlene Rederburg

Larry Woolley

Nancy Negus
Public Relations & Web Design

Carol McChesney

Mark Horodecky
Service Director

Rick Palmer

Roger Dupuis
Sports Officer

John Litton


The Act of Incorporation, By-laws, Rules and Constitution, of the Army, Navy & Air Force Veterans in Canada (ANAVETS) directs that membership in the Association must be by membership in a unit of the Association. This means that someone wishing to become a member must join a unit or if a unit does not exist locally, may participate in forming a unit. Recently the Board gave its approval to establish members-at-large.


Membership joining you will be able to make a meaningful difference in your new unit, community, province and country. It is a win-win situation. You win because within The Army, Navy & Air Force Veterans in Canada, you will have the opportunity to make new friends in a national organization stretching from coast to coast, become involved with your community, and to develop and share your leadership talent. ANAVETS will win because we will be enriched by your enthusiasm, energy and new ideas that you bring to us.
Social Activities – Most of the ANAVETS’ units have recreational facilities and may have licensed lounges. Members can enjoy a wide variety of social events such as dances, barbecues, entertainment and a host of other special events.
Member Participation Sports – ANAVETS has sporting events such as darts, curling, cribbage, shuffleboard and golf, with competitions at the local & provincial levels.
Community Service – You can serve your community by assisting with the many ANAVETS programs in support of youth, veterans, seniors, the disabled and others. ANAVETS supports Canada’s youth through the teaching of sportsmanship and high ideals by sponsoring such sporting activities as minor and midget baseball and hockey. We further support the country’s youth academic development through our bursary and scholarship awards programs.
Leadership – ANAVETS is always in search of new members who can take on a leadership challenge. If this is where your interest lies, you can become involved by serving on the local unit executive. You may even wish to go to higher levels such as provincial or national. One day, you could be President of one of the largest community service organizations in Canada.
The voice of a single person may not be heard, but the voice of thousands of members in the Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans in Canada is heeded.


Application forms for Active or Associate membership in a unit may be obtained from that unit or from Dominion Headquarters. Applicants for a Unit membership must be sponsored by two (2) members.
An Application Form for Members-at-Large may also be found by clicking here (SAVE, Open) print the form, fill it out, and bring it to a ANAVETS meeting. If you are a Member-at-Large, our newsletter will be e-mailed directly to your home. Hard copies are available upon request.


The ANAVETS organization is committed to providing Military, Police, Fire personnel and general membership with quality support services.
In-person, a phone call, or an email can get you started toward addressing matters that are important you - The Membership


When help is needed liaising with government services such as U.S. DVA or Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) programs, we can help find the right person to answer your questions or, walk you through the process.


The valuable services provided by Law Enforcement is also considered an equally important function. To recognize the good work of Law Enforcement officers, ANAVETS will offer equal support when needed.


The valuable services provided by Fire Fighters (Bomberos) is considered an equally important function. To recognize the good work of Fire Fighters, ANAVETS will offer equal support when needed.


When Life and Limb is on the line, EMS personnel can be subjected to a wide range of both immediate and long term hazards. ANAVETS will be there to assist the EMS community as well.


When life gets challenging and you need professional advice, a selection of service providers has been put together to help you find the right professional.
(Underlined Text indicates Active Web Link)


ANAVETS Unit #19 has legal counsel available to the membership to help you with a wide scope of services and advice.
From time-to-time at our meetings, legal counsel will offer presentations on a variety of different topics specific to Mexican laws.

ONLINE Law Services 
(Download File)

RFC Information 
(Download File)

Traffic Violation Record *

(*Download, Print, Keep in vehicle)

Translation Services

In Mexico, the ONLY legal documents accepted are those in Spanish. Translating Wills, property or vehicle information, insurance plans (to name a few) is important.

(UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Thank you for your patience)


On occasion, Passports can be Lost or Stolen, or they may Expire. This can leave you in a real bind. It's always a good plan to know who to contact for assistance.


PASSPORTS (United States)


POLICE(English)        33 1360 8600 
Add the prefix 045 if dialling from a land line
not for public nuisances like loud music or barking dogs.  

FIRE                               376 766 3615 

Cruz Roja                       376 765 2308
* Ensure adequate cash funds are on hand for services payment

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Where We Meet

ANAVETS Unit 19 meets at MAMA's Musical Bar Thursdays @ 12 noon for lunch, fellowship, games, and Special Events throughout the year

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    Every Thursday, Members & Guests are always welcome to join in for a couple hours of casual fellowship at Mama's Musical Bar. It's a great way to make new  acquaintances and meet up with friends to catch up over lunch. For those that enjoy games, we have a number of choices from cards, darts, Bean-Bag-Toss and others. C'mon out and spend some time with us !!


    Attending General meetings is an excellent opportunity to keep current with the Unit's ongoing efforts for members, guests, and the community. 


    Executive Meetings (all members are welcome to attend) - February 15, 2023

    Future Events

    January 19 - Fun Darts Club, Lakeside Euchre Club, Games & Lunch - Sports Officer Appreciation Day

    January 26 - Fun Darts Club, Lakeside Euchre Club, Games & Lunch

    February 2 - Fun Darts Club, Lakeside Euchre Club, Games & Lunch

    February 9 - Fun Darts Club, Lakeside Euchre Club, Games & Lunch

    February 11 - Winterfest - see photo

    March 2 - Annual General Meeting

  • Legal Advice by Solbes & Solbes

    Once a month on a Thursday, Solbes & Solbes (Diego and Maria) attend our meeting to provide general information. Members can ask questions in advance in order for the "experts" to prepare an informed reply.  

    January26 - Solbes & Solbes Lawyers - Car Regularization Program 3 pm

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